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General Information

On this tab, you can configure the full name and short name to display. You can also specify your contact phone number for your colleagues. To schedule tasks, you need to select your working calendar, the time zone in which you are located, as well as business hours. Specify skills to ensure that tasks with relevant skills are distributed only to users who have the appropriate skills.

Task Lists

My tasks

List of tasks assigned to the user.


List of tasks that the user added to their favorite.


Gantt chart for a specific user.


List of projects where the user is added to the team. For more details, see the Team Balance section.


The last activity of the user on tasks



Customizing messages. You can set the sending of messages using a combination with a special key or simply by pressing Enter. You can also set a dark background for the list of users.

Language and Region

You can set the interface language and region that is used for the date format. In the advanced settings, you can set the date in absolute value.


You can configure notifications of messages and pulse events on the required communication channel.

Experimental functions

Global Mallstones

This function allows you to assign milestones from other projects to tasks. With this assignment, you can schedule a task in the selected container but affect the completion date of the milestones in another project.

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