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The Timeline displays the gantt diagram of the project. All open tasks that are in the project and have a start and end date will be displayed on the timeline. If there are child tasks from other projects, they will be displayed.

The color of the task on the graph corresponds to the status of the task.

Time format 24/8

The graph is displayed for the current time zone. You can also switch the display 24/8 hours. When 24 hours are displayed, 24 hours are displayed in each day and you can see how the work in different time zones takes place. If you display 8 hours on the chart, the time intervals 00: 00-10: 00 and 18: 00-24: 59 will be removed, all dates that fall within this time interval will be shifted to the beginning / end of the working day. As a result, with the 8-hour display all tasks that for example have a duration of 4 hours will be displayed as identical blocks, with a 24-hour display, the real start and end dates of the tasks will be displayed.


You can apply grouping to tasks in three dimensions: Assignee, Milestone, Type. Tasks will be grouped according to the specified parameter.


The tab shows the load on the worker in hours for a certain period of time. The time intervals vary according to the scale: day Рweek, week Рmonth, quarter Рquarter. You can select an employee and see its workload for all projects.


In the settings, you can set the font size and display the headers inside the task and to the right of the task. On the right, you can adjust the scale and move the graph to the mark now.

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