Team balance

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The team balance allows you to adjust the parameters of each employee’s work in projects where he is part of the team.

For each project where a person is added added to the command there are the following settings:

  • Auto-assignment – if this option is enabled, the tasks from the project will be auto-assigned per person.
  • Time reservation – time reservation allows a person to reserve a working time even if he has no tasks.
  • Employment – according to the established employment per person, tasks will be assigned so that the amount of time that he works on the project does not exceed the established percentage each week. The sum of all values ​​can not exceed 100%. If there are no tasks in one of the projects, tasks from other projects will be assigned.
  • Time slots – you can change the percentage of working time in projects for a certain period in the future.

Settings are located in the user profile .

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