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The task details contains the basic information about the task. When creating, you can quickly create tasks with previous settings of type/priority and project if you press Enter twice after completing the task title.

Card Title

The title of the task card has the color of the current status of the task and the following active elements from left to right:

  • Add to favorites
  • Task key
  • Available transitions from workflow
  • Direct link
  • Change history
  • Delete task
  • Close window

Basic fields

The title of the task is displayed first. The parent task is displayed above the task title. The following are the main fields: Type, Status, Priority, Affected version, Tags. Status and priority are used to sort tasks into the Road Map.

A task description is a detailed description of a task that supports Markdown formatting


List of todos that need to be done. They also support Markdown and a breakdown by several lines when you press Alt/Ctrl/Cmd + Enter. The task can not be completed until all todos has been done.


You can attach any attachments to the task. Attachments can also be published in messages. Pictures can be viewed in full screen mode.


The task can be linked to other tasks by three types of links:

  • Parent – parent task will include the current task and will change its start and end dates according to all included tasks
  • Previous – the current task will be scheduled only after the previous
  • Next – the next task will be scheduled only after the current

Childs tasks

List of child tasks. All the tasks shown in this list have a link Parent with the current task

Related tasks/h3>

A list of tasks that are related to the current one but have no effect on task scheduling. It’s just information connections.


In messages, you can discuss about the task. Pulse message will be automatic posted to the messages.

Project and milestones

The task will be shown in the specified project and people from the team of this project will be assigned to perform it.

Milestone is responsible for planning tasks. Tasks are assigned in the order of the milestones on roadmap.


You can assign the skill needed to complete the task, then people with this skill will be selected to complete the task.

The assignee can be set to Team – then Organaza itself will appoint the assignee, or you can select it manually.

Watchers receive a notification about Pulse events on the task.


You can set the desired planning type Manual or Automatic . With manual planning, you can edit the start and end dates.

You must specify the estimated time of the task.

The completion percentage shows progress of the task.

Below is the full logged time, when hovering will show a pencil, when you click on it you can edit the time log.

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