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Types, Priorities, and Status

You can configure the types, priorities and statuses in the relevant sections of the system settings. You can change the sort, name, color and symbol for a short display. For a more detailed description, read the following sections: types , priorities and statuses


The workflow is configured by dragging the required statuses to the desired status blocks. The status-block shows the initial status and the statuses within the block statuses in which you can translate the task. For more information, see the Workflow .


You can add any number of calendars and specify the desired days off in them. The calendar can be assigned to an employee, and his days off will be taken into account when scheduling tasks. You can customize your personalized output in the user profile .

System Settings

User rights

Limit the scope of the project

If this flag is set then users see only tasks in projects where they are added to the command.

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