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Quick Search

Quick search performs search by text fields and task keys. Text search is performed on the roots included in the search query. You can specify multiple words to search through a comma.

 water, air

or use quotes to find the exact entry

 "rainy day"

To search by partial word match, you must add an asterisk at the end of the query, for example

 quit *

Advanced Search

Advanced search is performed using a special query language:

 status = "Closed" AND type = "Bug"

Subqueries are also possible:

 status = "Closed" AND (type = "Bug" OR type = "Feature")

In order to have the current user name in the request, use the $ me parameter

 reporter = "$ me"

Search by date supports relative dates and dates in the format YYYY-MM-DDThh: mm: ssZ

 date_created> "2018-04-01T00: 00: 00Z" AND date_created <"- 24h"

Full text search is carried out for all text fields of the task (title, description, todo, messages), search is carried out by the steam and does not support regular expressions:

 text = "string" (type = "Bug" OR type = "Feature")

You can also search separately by the fields title, description, todos.description, these fields support searching using regular expressions:

 title = "string" OR description = ". *?"

To sort the result at the end of the query, you need to add the sort parameter with the value of the field by which sorting is required. For reverse sorting, the prefix - is added:

 type = "Bug" sort = -date_created
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