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External users can create tasks and edit their description and main fields, as well as participate in communication on the task, but can not influence the planning of the task.

The task becomes external if:

  • task created by an external user
  • among the Watchers there are external users (note: when an external user is mentioned in the comments via @username, the user will be automatically added to the Observer)
  • external user


External users and tasks visible to external users are marked with a special icon:

Areas of visibility

For each project, you can configure the scope of tasks:

external – all external users see each other’s tasks within the project to which they are added
self – external users see tasks only their tasks where they are listed as Reporter / Watcher / Assignee

Invite external users

In order to invite an external user, you must add it to the command. To do this, switch the users list on the project to the external state and add a new or existing external user.


External comments are marked with a red indicator on the left. When adding a new comment, it can be made available to external users.

All messages in the thread will be considered external or internal, depending on the scope of the first message. Change the type of the first message is not possible if it already has answers.


External users are not charged and are not counted in your limit.

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