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We are glad to present you a new version of Organaza. In this version, we added a new task view – Boards, and concentrated on user requests and improved a lot of things according to your remarks.


A new view will allow you to group and display tasks with great flexibility. For example, you can group columns by type of task, and inside the column make lines by milestones:

Grouping is possible by the main task fields. Any group can be minimized or expanded. When moving, the tasks change according to the group in which the task is placed, for example, if you move a task from the Bug column of version 1.10 to the Features column of version 1.8, the task will change the version and the type.

For each grouping parameter, you can configure:

  • The way Columns or Rows are displayed
  • Group only – the tasks will be grouped and sorted, but when moving it will not take the values ​of this group, this group can also not be minimized and you can not see the group header
  • Show empty – show groups, even if they are empty

Also,​ you can choose one of 6 kinds of task mapping:

  • Card – Card in Roadmap
  • List – As in the sidebar lists
  • Stripe – A thin bar with status and text color
  • Color block – Color block without text (as in the picture above)
  • Key block – Color block with task number
  • Table – Table view as in List

The location of tasks in the group can also be changed:

  • Vertical – Vertically occupying the entire width of the group
  • Horizontal – Horizontally without migration
  • Horizontal Wrap – Horizontally with translation

You can include a new view in the Profile -> Settings -> Labs -> Board view. We will happily listen to your comments and suggestions!


In the new version message open atop everything and you can quickly open the message center if necessary. For convenience, a shortcut for opening messages has been added: meta+~

Other fixes

  • Chat images can now be viewed in the image viewer
  • Any project in the list can be marked as favorite and it will always be at the top of the list of projects

  • You can open tasks from the sidebar in a new window
  • Emoji helper


  • N – New task
  • S – Search
  • F – Favorite tasks
  • R – Recent tasks
  • W – The tasks you are following
  • T – My Task
  • meta+~ – Messenger
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