1.8 – Priority sorting

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We are glad to present you a new version of Organaza. The new version will help you to efficiently sort tasks in the Roadmap.

Sorting Tasks

Now all tasks on the road map are automatically sorted according to their status and priority. Sorting occurs first by status, and then by priority. Tasks with the same status and priority can be moved manually.

Settings status and workflow

In the system settings section, we have added the status and workflow settings. Now you can create workflows at your own discretion and set up transitions. In the project settings, you can change the workflow by which status changes occur in it. Also, we added the ability to fine-tune the statuses, you can read about it in the Statuses section.


Now you can add any attachments to messages. And also it was possible to add an attachment to the task and quickly publish or copy the markdown markup.


In the road map, you can now click on the checkmark twice to select all visible cards.


We accelerated the display and loading of the schedule. Now people can be downloaded in the project only in the previous, current and next quarters.


If the task can not be automatically scheduled, a warning sign with a prompt will be displayed. The warning is now visible in the List and in the Roadmap.

Status page

Status page

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