1.7 – Pulse

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We are glad to present you a new version of Organaza. The new version will help you keep your hand on the pulse.


If you are an watcher of the task – that means you get notifications about all important events, we called them Pulse. They are displayed among ordinary messages and notifications of them appear as a blue label.

You can set up mail notifications about new messages and heartbeats in your profile.


We have redesigned the sidebar, now using it you can create and search for tasks. Quickly see the list of tasks for which you are watching or are their creator, as well as a list of favorite and recently viewed tasks. Separately, a list of own tasks for quick access is provided.


Status bar

We adds a status bar on List view that shows the statuses of all selected tasks and allows you to quickly filter on them. You can also quickly filter by milestone when you click on the milestone header on the Summary page.


The new search uses a more familiar syntax and shows prompts when typing. Also you can sort tasks by any field.

ToDo + Markdown

ToDo can now contain a markdown markup for a more detailed description of tasks.


Time logs can now be viewed and edited. If a person does not have administrative rights, then it is allowed to edit only their logs in the last 24 hours.

Other fixes:

  • Added setting of the global scope of projects and tasks. If in the company settings there is no restriction then all users can see all the projects and tasks.
    Improved Roadmap performance
  • Old messages are hidden for more convenient display. They can always be deployed as needed.
  • Referrers in the description
  • Text in the description can be identified
  • Fixed mockdown
  • Scroll on code blocks
  • The project settings are rendered in pairs
  • Emoji are inserted at the cursor position
  • When searching for milestones you can not write points
  • Improved sorting when searching for users
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