1.6 – Team balance

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We are glad to present you a new version of Organaza. In this version we improved the distribution of tasks between the commands, added the decomposition and sorting of the list:


  • Configuring projects and working time balance on the user
  • Quick decomposition of the task into sub-tasks
  • List can now be sorted
  • The site icon shows the number of unread messages in real time
  • Quick selection of Estimate time
  • Two additional message and todo parameters were added for the search
  • Added a multi-line description for milestones with markdown support
  • Added a selector for Emoji with search
  • Enter / Esc support on dialogs
  • Exporting search results
  • Date of task creation on the task card


  • The design of the Summary page has changed
  • The new ToDo is now multi-line
  • Additional confirmation dialogs for deleting links and changing the type of planning
  • Workfors can be increased in height if necessary
  • Implements and Implemented By are renamed Parent and Childs
  • Users in the message center are listed in alphabetical order
  • Hide closed on Timeline


  • Open the task by previous keys
  • Synchronization of the task card and Timeline
  • The name is correctly set when the person is invited
  • The user has the initials in the Pending state
  • Displays the task when there are milestones in other projects
  • Errors in the operation of messages
  • Related display on a new task
  • Quickly rename and change the sorting of milestones
  • Blank spaces in the combo boxes when scrolling
  • Problems with marking messages as read
  • Creating a task in another project
  • The size of the message area and the change in its size
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