1.5 – Design

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We are glad to present you a new version of Organaza. This time we changed the design and made many improvements:


  • New font
  • New left panel design for quick access to your tasks and message center
  • Improved Roadmap design
  • The title of the browser shows the most need and is exceptionally correct
  • Added a hint on the asterisk ❉ auto-destination
  • The traffic zone is limited in height
  • In skill selection options, in the task card, only the skills of team members of this project are displayed

Critical changes:

  • In the list of commands on the Summary page, only users who have the “Auto assign” checkmark are visible

Working Hours:

  • Each user can specify their working hours and time zone. We will distribute the tasks, taking into account these data. SmartGantt will automatically update the dependencies and release dates.
  • The 8/24 switch appears on the Timeline. Now tasks and temporary logs can be viewed in 24-hour mode

Task list:

  • List of tasks from the List section can now be exported to different formats and customized templates for yourself

Task card:

  • Improved prompt for wasted time. We will more accurately show you the time that you worked on the task and show you the absolute time from the beginning of the task, just in case
  • In the Implemented list, there was a column with the version
  • Editing Implemented and Related tasks has become more convenient
  • Markdown assistance added
  • Added field of affected version
  • Added the ability to open an attachment in a new tab


  • Search parameters are now saved to URL parameters and you can send a search query
  • Extended search hint


  • You wrote the message and suddenly …! Whatever happens, we will keep it for you.
  • Dark mode for the chat list (Included in the user’s card)
  • Ability to send a message to Ctrl / Alt / Cmd + Enter for those who like to write big comments (Included in the user’s card)
  • Now you can get a link to any comment in the task or chat
  • Added emoji 👻 (: ghost:)
  • Separators appeared in the chat list
  • Search is now searching for all tasks


  • A link to a personal user page has appeared
  • The remote user can now be restored
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