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We are glad to present you a new version of Organaza. The new version has support for external users as well as many fixes and improvements:

  • Cards in Roadmap now open when you click on the message text or double-click on any part of the card
  • Timeline has the option to open a task using a double click
  • The function of sending an invitation letter is added to the employee card as well as the ability to copy the invitation link to the project
  • Fixed displaying of the Milestone zone on the Timeline
  • The Todo zone allows you to instantly edit records and when editing, no longer changes the size.
  • Added a sort indicator for Todo
  • Clicking the Submit and add another button now clears the fields correctly
  • Through the task list, you can change the type and priority by simply clicking on it in the list
  • Fixed showing of spent time when opening the logging dialog
  • Unread and read messages are correctly marked
  • Now it’s more convenient to write / edit and delete messages
  • SmartGantt only responds to field changes that affect its operation
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