1.14 – Query builder

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In this version, we added a new query builder that will allow you to quickly generate the necessary query and, if necessary, you can also edit it manually. Any request can be added to favorites and give access to it to the whole team.


The table now has the ability to quickly add a filter to a key or a title, as well as visually show the list of tasks by Priority, Type, Status or Milestone.


Quick access to support chat is available from the sidebar? -> Support , write for any questions, we will be happy to help you.


Now any Board can be added to the main view list for quick access. We removed the old Roadmap and built a new one on the Boards functionality. You can always call the old Roadmap in the additional menu.


In the Boards, problems with sorting are fixed, as well as the ability to automatically collapse empty groups is added.


Lists of notes can now be sorted and add to them appeals and links to tasks. Also, the call prompt is improved when entering for tasks, emoji and calls to the team.


Two new Solarized Light / Dark themes have been added which you can choose in the profile.

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